Where are my files stored?

Dino Backup is an authorized reseller of Livedrive services and Dino Backup services is powered by Livedrive.

Your files are usually stored both on your own computer and in Livedrive’s state-of-the-art data centers. By storing your files in both places you can be sure that you have access to your files and can use them as normal even when you’re not online. Livedrive has built their own data centers, so that we have complete flexibility to make them as secure, responsive and efficient as possible. They use cutting edge, military grade technology to make sure that your data is both safe and highly accessible. The main data center is in London, UK.

Do You limit Storage Space or Bandwidth?

For Dino Unlimited Backup no limits on storage or bandwidth.

For Dino Briefcase there is a limit on storage up to the storage package that you choose, we cater to 512GB, 1TB and 2 TB. There are no limits on bandwidth.

For Dino Ultimate Pro Suite there is no limits on storage or bandwidth for backup services and for the briefcase services there is a limit on the storage up to the storage package that you choose, we cater to 512GB, 1 TB, 2TB and 5TB. There are no limits on bandwidth.

Now what is the difference between Dino Unlimited Online Backup and Dino Briefcase?

Dino Unlimited Online Backup is a plan to copy and backup all your documents, photos, music and videos into your cloud account automatically. And you can view your files from different devices via your web portal, if you need to restore any of your files to your computer you can do so. You get unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth. Your files do not sync between computers. You also do not have file sharing capabilities.

Dino Briefcase your get your personal cloud storage space that appears like a new drive on your computer. You can use it like any other disk drive. Files saved to your Dino Briefcase drive is sync between computers. Having a Dino Briefcase makes it easy for you to work on your files anywhere without emailing copies to yourself or carrying a physical usb or portable hard disk drive.

Dino Briefcase also allows you to share files with your friends, families and business associates. It also allows you to upload files to your Dino Briefcase account with ease, great for backing up your websites and large files. A basic Dino Briefcase account starts with 512Gb of storage space and unlimited bandwidth. You can upgrade your plan and add storage space as you go.
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