Unlimited Automatic Backup

Dino Unlimited Online Backup works quietly in the background backuping  up your files as you use your computer. It is Automatic.

You do not need any technical knowledge to do this. All you need to do is install our software, and key in your login details you are good to go. It is hassle free and easy to install.

With Dino Unlimited Online Backup it is unlimited storage, no matter how many files you have Dino Unlimited Online Backup backups all your documents, pictures and images for you.

Dino Unlimited Online Backup protects your precious files by keeping a copy safely in cloud storage online.

View your documents anywhere, everywhere

Once your files and documents are being backup you view them from anywhere and everywhere, as long as you can connected to the internet.

You can view your files through any web browser or from your mobile phone or tablet (we currently support PC, Mac, Iphone, Android Phones, Blackberry, IPad and Tablets)

So you can listen to your music, watch your movies and view your photos and documents wherever you are

Easily restore your files

Dino Unlimited Backup keeps up to 30 versions of your files, so you can revert to your past versions of your files anytime. Download your files from online anytime and restore them on your computer. And it keeps a deleted file for 30 days so if you accidentially delete a file no worries if you have backed it up at Dino Unlimited Online Backup you should be able to retrieve it.

Safe and secure

Your backups are private and secure. Dino Backup is powered by Livedrive and uses military grade encryption, and your files reside in Livedrive’s state-of-the-art data centers.

What Dino Unlimited Online Backup is not

Dino Unlimited Online Backup is a file backup system it is not a system backup. Meaning it can backup all your files, folders, documents, music, video but it does not backup your computer Operating System files and folders.

Although Dino Unlimited Online Backup gives you an option to backup an unlimited amount of files backing up your Operation System files and folders is not a good idea.
The reason is because there are many files and folders on your computer is specific to that installation and may not work on another computer.

If you would like to backup your system what you should do is to do a system image backup and backup that system image onto Dino Unlimited Online Backup.

Why use Dino Unlimited Online Backup instead of a Hard Disk Drive?

Well did you know a large number of Hard Disk Drive only lasts for about 5 years? And if they do break you can lose alot of precious documents.

Dino Unlimited Online Backup does that heavy lifting for you, once it is being set up you don't even need to manually backup your files. Dino Unlimited Online Backup backups your files automatically in the background, thus saving you time and the hassle. And if ever your PC spoils or your Hard Disk Drive breaks (Ouch, touch wood) you can always access your files (if they have been backed up) on Dino Unlimited Online Back Up System.

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