Dino Ultimate Pro Suite: The Best of Dino Backup

Enjoy the full power of Dino Backup, the Dino Ultimate Pro Suite has both Unlimited Backup features and the Briefcase ability for you to sync and share your documents anytime and anywhere.

Ultimate Backup solution

Dino Ultimate Pro Suite allows you backup your documents on unlimited number of computers. Once setup it works automatically and quietly in the background to protect your documents. No technical knowledge is needed and you can restore your files at any time with little hassle.

As long as you have internet access you can always view your files such as mp3, mp4, music and videos from your mobile, Ipad, tablet, laptop or computer.

Plus you can also sync and share your files

Briefcase appears as a new drive on your computer. You can use it just like any other drive; you can drag and drop files, open them in your favorite apps or software and it is synced between all your computers online, so you edit and view your files anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

If you have large files you can easily share them with your friends, family and business associates. It is also easy for them to email you large files to your Dino Briefcase account. You can also ftp files to your Briefcase drive. If you need to share files privately that is possible too.
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