Why we call this plan Dino Briefcase?

It is because this plan is like having your personal virtual briefcase whereever you go. Dino Briefcase appears as a new drive on your Mac or PC. You can use it like any other drive. Dino Briefcase is synced to the cloud and between all your computers.

Access your files anywhere, and everywhere

Having Dino Briefcase is like having a portable Hard Disk Drive or USB drive, the only difference is you do not need to carry the drive around. As long as you have an internet connection you can access your files, anytime, everywhere and anywhere.

Stream your music and movies and view your photos and documents on the go. You can do this by accessing your files via your cloud Dino Briefcase from any web enabled device, IPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, IPad, Blackberry and Tablets.

Sharing files is easy and fun

One of the most important advantage of Dino Briefcase is that it allows you to send large files with anyone with just 1 click. You can either
share the files publicly with the whole world or you can share privately with selected people, we will email them a username and password.

Another cool thing about your Dino Briefcase account is
you can email or ftp to upload your files to your Dino Briefcase. Imagine being a webmaster and you need to backup your wordpress website or you need someone to send you a large file. The possibilities are endless with Dino Briefcase sharing functions.

Now what is the difference between Dino Unlimited Online Backup and Dino Briefcase?

Dino Unlimited Online Backup is a plan to copy and backup all your documents, photos, music and videos into your cloud account automatically. And you can view your files from different devices via your web portal, if you need to restore any of your files to your computer you can do so. You get unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth. Your files do not sync between computers. You also do not have file sharing capabilities.

Dino Briefcase your get your personal cloud storage space that appears like a new drive on your computer. You can use it like any other disk drive. Files saved to your Dino Briefcase drive is sync between computers. Having a Dino Briefcase makes it easy for you to work on your files anywhere without emailing copies to yourself or carrying a physical usb or portable hard disk drive.

Dino Briefcase also allows you to share files with your friends, families and business associates. It also allows you to upload files to your Dino Briefcase account with ease, great for backing up your websites and large files. A basic Dino Briefcase account starts with 512Gb of storage space and unlimited bandwidth. You can upgrade your plan and add storage space as you go.

3 Different Dino Briefcase Plans to Choose from to Suit your Needs

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